viagra naturale italy About my j-stage sign-in register shopping cart help online issn: 1881-915x   print issn: 0914-9198 (as of october 09, 2012) registered articles: 840 article volume/issue doi/joi advancedsearch volume issue advancedsearch advancedsearch browse submission about the publisher latest issue submit your manuscript instructions to authors contact information other titles in j-stage by the publisher publisher website j-stage home  >  publications - top  > bibliographic information journal of toxicologic pathology vol. 16 (2003) no. 1 p 77-79 language: english japanese previous article | next article jst. Jstage/tox/16. 77 case report case report spontaneously occurring intracranial malignant cystic schwannoma in rat akiko ikeda1) , yasukazu sato1) , sumihisa sueyoshi1) , yoshihiro masumoto1) , kiyoyuki tsuru1) 1) kyorin pharmaceutical co. , ltd. , research center released 2003/04/17   received 2002/11/08   accepted 2003/02/10 keywords: cystic schwannoma, intracranial, wistar rat, spontaneous full text pdf [282k] abstracts references(10) cited-by(1) we encountered with a case of spontaneously occurring malignant cystic schwannoma on the intracranial trigeminal nerve in a rat (32-week-old male crj:wistar). The tumor was intermixtures of the solid and cystic areas. The solid area was densely cellular, and pleomorphic spindle-shaped cells with elongated bizarre nuclei, and mitoses were present. The cystic area was less cellular, and cells with less cytoplasm were sporadically present in the area. Morphologically and immunohistochemically (staining with s-100), the solid and cystic areas were considered typical antoni type a and b, respectively. Taken together, the results indicate that the tumor is a spontaneous malignant cystic schwannoma. In this connection, most cells lining the cysts were positive for s-100 and negative for factor viii, while he staining showed that degenerative vessels were absent in the tumor. viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra canadian generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale buy generic viagra cheap viagra cheap viagra online viagra online Therefore, in this case, we assumed that the origin of the cysts was not from the vessel but from the tumor per se. Full text pdf [282k] copyright © 2003 the japanese society of toxicologic pathology top of this page article tools add to favorites citation alert authentication alert additional info alert copy the url mail to author download meta of article ris bibtex [ help ] contact us share this article edited and published by : japanese society of toxicologic pathology produced and listed by : ipec inc.. 097/01. Mlg. 0000240185. 14224. 7d copyright © 2006 the triological society issue the laryngoscope volume 116, issue 11, pages 2018–2026, november 2006 additional information how to cite chang, l. -s. , abraham, j. , lorenz, m. , rock, j. , akhmametyeva, e. M. , mihai, g. , schmalbrock, p. , chaudhur.